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During my undergraduate study at Santa Clara University, I became influenced by the tenacity of the human condition and intrigued by the forces that drive change. My curiosity about the transmutational properties of creativity drove me to analyze the quantum source of nature’s generative process, including its role in human awareness, perception, and ideology.

As an artist, I often combine conventional media with natural ones, like fire, wind, and gravity in order to display the aesthetic pulse of quantum fluctuations passing through creation and creator. Given my desire to create lasting impressions of transient nature and my reverence for life, in 2010, I began merging cremated ashes into memorial art to create posthumous monuments.

My artwork has been sold around the world and displayed in museums and solo and group exhibitions in the United States. I now divide my time between conventional and memorial commissions and sharing practical ways to improve the quality of life by activating the life-affirming power of creativity.
Actively seeking
Friendship with fellow creators and good advise on marketing.

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