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Member Robyn Bennett writing as Casey Fae Hawson releases Misty Springs

30 Jun 2020 6:19 AM | Deleted user

Congratulations to SDWEG member Robyn Bennett, writing as Casey Fae Hewson, for publishing a new romance, Misty Springs. In addition to writing both fiction and nonfiction on her own, Robyn also writes jointly with another Guild member, Bob Boze. And Robyn has the distinction of being the SDWEG member who lives the farthest from San Diego. She resides in New Zealand and travels occasionally to San Diego when she attends our meetings.

Misty Springs Summary

Emily Seymour sat in her favourite spot on Red Hill Mountain, looking down at the alpine village of Misty Springs. Glancing at her disfigured hand, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to put aside her insecurities from the accident and her broken engagement and rebuild her life.

Ricky Coles, a cocky builder, working side jobs as a bartender, wants nothing more than to lay low, pay off his debts, and put his past behind him.

After their first meeting gets off to a rocky start, it doesn’t take long to confirm they are like oil and water: Emily naïve and trusting; Ricky seemingly unable to tell the truth about anything.

But both have much more important things to worry about. Emily’s dream house that has put her in debt to her unforgiving brother and may never be built, thanks to an unscrupulous contractor, and the people chasing Ricky to collect on his debts.   

Will this unlikely pair end up proving that there’s a reason opposites attract and that support often comes from the most unexpected places?

Link to Amazon:

Casey Fae Hewson has always loved to write stories.

In 2014 she got serious about her writing and drafted her first novel, Haven River, a Young Adult contemporary romance, which was published in 2016.

Well and truly bitten by the writing bug in 2017 she published Aqua Bay set in spectacularly beautiful New Zealand where she lives.

She is currently editing her third novel, Misty Springs.

Casey is now partnered with Bob Boze the author of Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape to Share Your Dreams With, The Horses of Tir Na Nog, The Sisterhood and Dreams. Together they are working on several collaborative efforts including: The Beach Pool and a new co-authored romance novel: Light My Way.

When she writes Casey draws on the natural beauty of her hometown, Blenheim, which is surrounded by hills, vineyards and olive trees, and bathes in endless sunshine.

When she's not writing she's reading from her extensive collection of romance, drama, thriller, horror, Young Adult and biography. "As I can't live in a library, I've created the next best thing - my own library."

You can also find Casey in the garden, mountain biking, walking on the beach, listening to music or trying to keep her crazy cat under control!

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