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April 10th is Encourage a Young Writer Day

1 Apr 2021 7:34 AM | Rick Lakin, Webmaster (Administrator)

April 10th marks Encourage a Young Writer Day, and to celebrate, Caitlin Stewart, Resource Coordinator at the Center for School, College, and Career Resources in Reno, Nevada, rounded up some of her organization’s favorite writing resources to help inspire the world’s next great writers. She shared those resources with the Guild. If you know of a student interested in a writing career, please share this message with them.

The first guide details the steps young people can take to become a professional writer, an overview of career concentrations and related jobs, and the skills they’ll need to be successful:

How to Become a Writer – https://www.learnhowtobecome.org/writer/

The second resource is a go-to guide for students that walks them through what they need to know to improve their writing skills in college. It details various writing styles and lists available writing tools and apps:

Writing Guide for College Students – https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org/college-resource-center/college-writing-guide/

The last guide Caitlin shared was created with help from four experts in English language and writing. It breaks down common essays students will encounter in school, how to nail the research and outline process and keep their writing on track. It also lists common writing mistakes and how they can avoid them. You can read more here:

Student Guide to Academic Writing and Research – https://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/student-writing-resources/

The Center for School, College, and Career Resources believe that by sharing these guides, they can help aspiring writers cultivate a love of writing.

From Alyssa Johnson: I have been writing for the past few years and have taken part in conducting a Writing Resources Guide: https://edubirdie.com/blog/writing-resources

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