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Member Profile: Stu Schwartz

9 Jul 2021 2:44 PM | Andrea Glass (Administrator)

Bio: I had an extremely satisfying and productive 35-year career as a university professor. During 24 of those years I also held the position of public information officer for my local fire department.  My significant writing accomplishments have included four college textbooks, 39 refereed journal articles, and 20 workbooks and learning kits for high school students. Until now all my publications have been nonfiction. My husband and I love living in San Diego. We enjoy the weather, our friends, the cultural opportunities, and the awesome beaches—especially clothing-optional Blacks Beach. Travel is always high on our to-do list. In addition to writing I do a significant amount of volunteer work in our community.

Contact:  stuauthor@gmail.com.  

 Link to Amazon: There's a direct link on each page of my website as well.

 What aspect of writing are you involved in? 

My current writing involves two projects:  my next novel and writing a monthly column.  The working title of the novel I'm now working on is I’ll be Naked at Six This is fully outlined and much of it is in draft form.  The story follows Eddie Saul, the main character in my first novel, Lights On – Clothes Off, from graduate school to present day, as he reveals all his exhibitionist adventures. The column is called “Sans Clothing” and it appears in Diversity Rules Magazine.  I’m hoping to find other homes for my column and currently I’m in discussions with two other monthly publications.

 What first attracted you to writing? 

As a professor at a publish or perish university, writing and being published was a requirement. However, that wasn’t a chore for me as I enjoyed research and sharing my results in professional publications. All my university writing was quite satisfying as I always felt I was sharing information that would help college and high school students with their careers. And I must admit that much of my professional writing was quite lucrative.

How long have you been writing?

As a child I liked writing for fun.  I became serious about my writing when I was a college student in the late 60s. 

As a writer, what kind of books do you write? Any published?

All the following have been published:  Four college textbooks, 39 refereed journal articles, and 20 educational materials for high school students.

What are you working on now?

I have a couple of writing ideas brewing but I’m not ready to share those. 

How long have you been a member of SDWEG and why did you join?

I’ve been a member since 2017.  I joined because I was embarking on a new writing adventure, a first for me, a novel. I had a lot to learn and an author friend of mine suggested that I would benefit from the classes and workshops offered by the Guild.

What benefits have you gained as a member? 

At just about every formal presentation and at every marketing program I’ve learned techniques for writing and marketing. In addition, I’ve met quite a few accomplished authors who’ve been willing to answer my questions and give me advice.  That’s always greatly appreciated.

What’s something unique or special about you, that you’d like others to know? 

Because of the topic of my current writing I’m often asked if I’m an exhibitionist. I let everyone know that my first college job in 1964 was posing for art classes.  Those were the days when male models were in high demand and those who were willing to pose nude were paid at a significantly higher rate than those who posed in underwear or a bathing suit. I needed the money and became instantly comfortable standing sans clothing in a room full of artists. In fact, I still pose for art classes. So, when I’m asked, I share my posing experience and remind everyone that the rest of my book’s story is a novel. They have to decide what’s fact and what’s fiction.

What request do you have of other members? (joint venture promotions, launch team, referrals, reviews, advance readers…)

My only request is to continue with the valuable programming. I still have lots to learn. And, of course, I’m hoping members offer suggestions to help me improve my writing and that they post reviews on Amazon.

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