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How to Make Friends, Extend your Life and More!

24 Sep 2021 1:05 PM | Leon Lazarus (Administrator)

Volunteering is often unfairly characterized as burdensome or time consuming, but it is exceptionally good for you. Don’t believe it? Here are six great reasons to join in and help others through your Guild.

Make Friends

Being part of a group with a mission brings you closer together with like-minded individuals and cements long-term relationships.  Make a friend for life.

Giving is receiving

Helping others teaches us more about how we can help ourselves. Want to be inspired? Inspire others first and reap the rewards.  Want to refine your skills? Help others develop theirs.

Live Longer

Studies show ample empirical evidence of the health benefits of volunteering. You live longer. A 2007 report compiled by the Corporation for National and Community Service wrote the following:
The results of a survey of a large, ethnically diverse sample of older adults showed no association between receiving social support and improved health; however, the study did find that those who gave social support to others had lower rates of mortality than those who did not, even when controlling for socioeconomic status, education, marital status, age, gender, and ethnicity. (Brown et al., 2005)
A longitudinal study of older married adults found that those individuals who reported providing instrumental support to friends, relatives, and neighbors had lower rates of mortality five years later than those who had not reported providing support. In addition, providing support was found to have a stronger relationship with longevity than receiving support from others. (Brown et al., 2003)

Have Fun

Volunteering is fun! The SDWEG is looking for new ways to make a difference, so your ideas are welcomed and your participation valued. You can write blog posts, help with emails, assist in meetings, design artwork, make videos, work with the publishing team, and much more.

Learn new skills

Volunteering is a wonderful way to learn new skills. If you want to grow your social media following, develop your critiquing skills, or learn how to publish a book on Ingram-Spark or Amazon, the outstanding talents who run the Guild programs are happy to pass along essential skills that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Build a resume

Members who are focused on their career path can take full advantage of the resume building opportunities that volunteering offers. Whether part of a team or on the board, volunteering makes you more valuable to employers looking for steady, committed, community-minded employees with leadership potential.

In closing

You live longer, you live better, you have more friends, and you make more money when you volunteer. What are you waiting for?

Send an email to secretary@sdwritersguild.org and let us know where your volunteering interests lie.

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