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Call for Submissions

6 Oct 2021 11:02 AM | Rick Lakin, Webmaster (Administrator)

The San Diego Public Library has issued a call for submissions for the Local Author’s Exhibit for 2021. As we have in the past, we will be submitting this year’s 2021 anthology to be included in the exhibit. Previous events included a “live” reception with the local authors and guests and luminaries of the local writing community. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, events since 2019 have been relegated to the online venue only. The 2021 exhibit will debut in January of 2022. Whether there will be an “in-person” event depends on what COVID-19 restrictions will be in place at that time.

For information about the exhibit please view this link: https://www.sandiego.gov/public-library/news-events/localauthors

Please note that SDWEG is one of the local organizations that is featured on the public library homepage. Clicking on the link (SDWEG Logo) will take you to a video of former president Sarah Faxon talking about the Guild and its benefits to the writing community.

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