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Isabella Steel releases her latest political thriller

8 Oct 2021 5:43 PM | Leon Lazarus (Administrator)

Available on Amazon. Isabella Steel’s political thriller novel, “Revenge is Reason Enough,” is set against the backdrop of a stagnating cesspool of corruption, partisanship, and apathy in Washington, D.C.

“The novel takes readers into a world in which politicians callously line their pockets without the slightest regard for the consequences of their actions. They simply do not care for the innocent victims left in the wake of their political games,” Steel writes.

According to the publisher, Black Raptor Books, the political thriller is a roller coaster ride. "From beginning to end, the reader will be left wondering about who the true villain in the novel is. They would ask themselves whether it was the grief-stricken and vengeance-seeking protagonist or the crushing and corrupt government machine that drove him over the edge."

Fans and readers can find Steel's murder mystery, intrigue books, and political thriller novels, on Amazon and at www.BlackRaptorBook.com.

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