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Book Review by Rebecca Jane

16 Nov 2021 7:35 PM | Andrea Glass (Administrator)

My Fabulous First Book:
A Workbook Companion to Your Fabulous First Book

by Andrea Susan Glass

A Writer’s Fabulous Friend

If you’re writing non-fiction or a thought leader book, you may be familiar with Andrea Susan Glass’s bestselling book, Your Fabulous First Book: How to Write with Clarity, Confidence, and Connection. Whether your book is finished or still in the creative process, Glass now offers a companion workbook to help writers hit their book’s marketing targets. The workbook is available in a user-friendly, affordable, and sustainable paperback format.

I found this workbook to be a game changer. Its exercises support the idea that a book’s marketing project is as purpose-driven, necessary, and fulfilling as is the writing process. Often, we’re led to believe that writers prefer writing the book over making marketing plans. Social media too often triggers writer’s feelings of dread; but, with My Fabulous First Book, dread turns to delight. Clarity about a writer’s ideal reader, and reader result, feels refreshing and friendly. Making plans and nurturing professional connections becomes manageable, even fun. With the help of this workbook, we truly believe: Yes, writers can also be resilient and savvy book marketers!

The writing in the workbook is straightforward and intelligent, which gives instant inspiration. This workbook is like having your writing coach by your side, offering instantaneous knowledge and support to help you organize your book for marketability. From your author aspiration through the long haul of delivering a book that’s useful to many readers, this workbook polishes the process and makes writing to publishing feel accessible and elegant.

It’s great for writers who enjoy a flood of ideas but don’t always have clarity on how to fit them into the marketable package that will attract buyers. This workbook offers clear solutions to making connections and taking bold action. It serves as a Global Positioning System (GPS) for getting written work into the hands of ideal readers. Completing its exercises helps a writer overcome issues related to lack of clarity or confidence.

Throughout the workbook are helpful quotes from authors such as Richard Bach who said, “A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” With Andrea Susan Glass’s workbook in hand, not only will writers not want to quit, but they’ll sense the world needs them to stay the course, finish the work, and put in the effort to sell. Writers, readers want your book! 

Andrea’s tone is friendly and motivating, stating, “If I can do it, so can you!” With 30 years of experience, she knows the book-selling industry. Her workbook will help any writer take hold of the reins on the project without getting sidetracked by challenges, obstacles, distractions, or excuses, which she labels CODEs. The magic of this workbook, compared to others out there, is that it shows readers how to face and overcome challenges head on. While doing so, it makes the marketing part of a writer’s work feel just as rewarding as the writing part. Andrea wastes no time overthinking it. She helps a writer feel empowered to take action now. You can buy the workbook on Amazon.


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