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Writing to a Theme for the 2022 SDWEG Anthology

4 Apr 2022 1:19 PM | Deleted user

This year’s Guilded Pen – 2022 Anthology theme is:  “New Beginnings”

What is a “theme” – it is, simply put, the meaning of the story. This year’s anthology theme is “New Beginnings.” Each submission must address this theme in some way: drama, comedy, enlightenment/transcendence. Here are links to helpful tips on writing to a theme both in short stories and essays. 

While writing a short story or essay or poem with a theme in mind seems intimidating, here are some ways that might inspire you as you weave a thematic message through your work. 

The Simple Way to Weave a Thematic Message:

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“The best works of literary fiction are driven by an overriding theme.” Some famous contemporary authors explain how they write to a theme:

Here are tips on how to write a theme-based short story:

Are you writing an essay? Here are links with some tips on crafting an essay with a theme:;


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