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San Diego Writers, Ink, announces a weekend writing workshop in November

20 Oct 2022 4:09 PM | Sandra Yeaman (Administrator)

Each fall, San Diego Writers, Ink hosts a weekend of immersive writing sessions from some of their instructors identified as students' favorites. It's  an opportunity to sample their diverse range of classes or get better acquainted with instructors you may not have taken a class with. Think of it as a writing sampler—a way to try out SDWI classes and get a lot of writing work and inspiration in one weekend.

BONUS! When you sign up for Fall for Writing, you will be entered into a raffle. Prize details to come!

Unless specified otherwise, SDWI's Fall for Writing Sessions will be held IN PERSON at SDWI's space in Liberty Station above Veltz Fine Art (Inspirations Gallery, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd #204, Barracks 16, San Diego, CA, 92106). While masks are not required, they are encouraged. Thank you!


Purchase tickets for the whole event for $99 for Members and $150 for Nonmembers. Like last year, SDWI also has a PAY WHAT YOU CAN for the entire conference! (For this option, please email info@sandiegowriters.org to discuss your preferred payment.) Full conference passes will grant you FREE access to ALL classes, social hours, readings, and offerings listed below!

For full information about the event, select this link.

Note: SDWI is releasing only 20 full conference passes for the time being, so be sure to get yours now! Please also select which sessions you plan to attend so that they have an idea of attendance.


If you do not wish to attend the entire conference, individual sessions can be pre-purchased at $15 for Members and $20 for Nonmembers (unless specified otherwise). Be sure to secure your spots now, as they will fill up! Visit the links included here to learn more.

Note: Right now SDWI is releasing only 20 single-session spots for each in-person class. If you hope to attend a single-session class in person, be sure to secure your spot now!


Friday, November 11

5-6:45pm -- Online via Zoom

Memoir vs. Novel: The Best Format for YOUR Story with Robin "R.D." Kardon

Something happened. A series of events shaped your life. Now you want to write about them. But what format will you choose? In this in-depth workshop, we'll investigate whether to take real-life events and use them as the basis of a memoir or a work of fiction--and how to make the right choice for your story.


Social Hour with Dimestories: FREE!

Join us for a social hour with Dimestories! We will gather in Inspirations Gallery to enjoy time together as writers before the Dimestories Open Mic & Book Launch. FREE to all!


Dimestories Open Mic & Book Launch (FREE for full conference participants; $10 donation for single -ession purchase)

Join us for Dimestories Open Mic and Book Launch! Share a three-minute story at the open mic or come and enjoy some wonderful writing. We will also celebrate the launch of the Dimestories Anthology!

Saturday, November 12


Intro to Memoir with Marni Freedman

New to memoir--this is for you. This session will walk students through an introduction to plotting, theme, and character arc for memoir.


Writing to Visual Prompts with Jill G. Hall

Recharge your writing in this fun, interactive workshop. Through the use of visual stimuli such as gallery art, greeting and postcards, your poetry and prose will deepen, become clearer and more joyful. Some generated pieces may be shared in community. Bring journals, pens, and a smile. 


Playwriting 101 with Aleta Barthell

This Playwriting 101 session provides an opportunity to develop that idea in your head into a script, or hone and develop your current play-in-progress.


Story Structure with Rich Farrell

What does ‘structure’ mean in fiction? What defines story structure as applied to writing novels and short stories? This class will explore the elements of story structure, with practical tips towards building solid foundations for your writing. We will explore how writers use plot, character, setting, time, language, and drama to create the magic of fiction.


Social Hour at Inspirations Gallery: FREE!

Socialize with Ink staff and instructors and meet other writers. Check out our art show and grab free coffee! FREE to all!


Tammy Greenwood Reads & Discusses Such a Pretty Girl (FREE for full conference participants; $5 donation for single-session purchase)

Join Tammy Greenwood for a reading and discussion based on her new novel Such a Pretty Girl!


"A Year In Ink Through the Years": Hosted by Jill G. Hall (FREE for full conference participants; $10 donation for single-session purchase)

Join us for A Year in Ink Through the Years, a reading from A Year in Ink contributors from Volumes 1 to 15, hosted by Jill G. Hall.

Note: If you were in a past volume of A Year in Ink and would like to read, please fill out this interest form here. Thanks!

Sunday, November 13

9-10:15am -- Online via Zoom

Atlas of the Heart: A Generative Writing Session with Kristen Fogle

“Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection” is Brene Brown’s newest–and an amazing–resource in which she puts words to eighty-seven emotions and human experiences. In this online session, we will work through a few in the book by using timed writing prompts based on each.


Podcasting with Adam Greenfield

Learn what it takes to not only prepare for your podcast but also how to record and what equipment you’ll want to consider using to make your podcast. After this class you’ll have the tools and motivation needed to get started.


Prompt Church with Judy Reeves

This Sunday morning “call to workshop” is our literary version of Sunday Mass in which we’ll share communion with the page. Our services will be in two parts—the first hour is Confession, during which we’ll respond to prompts. Our second hour is Praise, and again we work from prompts to express in writing our poetic avowals, lyrical incantations, and prayers to the page.


Poetry for Memoir with Tania Pryputniewicz

Do you have a story about your own life that won’t let go of you? In this workshop, we will look at example poetry collections and memoirs as well as engage in several writing exercises designed to help you begin mining your life story on the page. This is a generative workshop, meaning it is a “Show up, Write, and Share” opportunity.


Poetry Karaoke with Judy Reeves & Steve Montgomery (FREE for full conference participants; $5 donation for single-session purchase)

Drop by for a lively session of Open Mic Poetry Karaoke with hosts Judy Reeves and Steve Montgomery. Grab a binder filled with poems of all kinds—from Angelou to Yeats, Brooks to Whitman—and select the one you’d like to read. When your name is called, come on up and spin the Big Wheel of Musical Genres, then read your selected poem aloud to the beat of the music. Join us for some raucous fun and some dang good poetry.

5-5:50pm -- Outside Barracks 16 (promenade side)

The Social Experiment for Writers with Rebecca Jane: FREE

Come get outside and partake in this fun game to meet other writers! Created by SDWI instructor Rebecca Jane. Cost is FREE to all!


The Travel Writer's Map: An Introduction with Lenore Greiner

In this class, we’ll learn how to hone your observations through journaling, develop the craft of travel writing, and more. Whether writing blog posts, personal essays, magazine articles, or literary longform stories, you’ll emerge from the Travel Writer’s Map as an inspired travel writer.

Monday, November 14


Monday Morning Prompts with Kristen Fogle & Amy Wallen (FREE for full conference participants; $7 for single-session purchase)

Join us for our Monday Morning Prompts group! The group will be co-hosted by Kristen Fogle and Amy Wallen.


Room to Write with Kristen Fogle & Amy Wallen (FREE for full conference participants; FREE for SDWI members AND for single-session participants who purchase Monday Morning Prompts!)

Bring a laptop or notebook, your muse, and enjoy a quiet, comfortable place to do your work in the company of other (silent) writers.

5-6:45pm -- Online via Zoom

Healing Through Story: Tell Yours on Stage! with Brenda Adelman

Learn the art form of telling your secret stories on stage in a one-person show! Brenda gives her proven process for turning dramatic events from your life into impactful and entertaining stories that will move your audiences to laughter and tears. Bring your ideas, your experience, your talent and a notebook to write.

7-8:45pm -- Online via Zoom

Intro to Songwriting with Suzanne Yada

Let me introduce you to the world of songwriting, using guided prompts and fun collaborative exercises to explore new musical aspects of your creativity. We'll also explore turning your prose and poetry into seeds for songs, and introduce you to some free online tools that can guide the process. This introductory course is open to all levels and musical backgrounds, beginner to advanced.

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