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MEMBER PROFILE: Andrew Fitzgerald

15 Feb 2023 10:30 AM | Andrea Glass (Administrator)

Andrew Fitzgerald


What aspect of editing or writing are you involved in?

I’m a self-published author of How Did I Get Here? - Traveling The Road To Resilience which was released on February 15, 2023 worldwide on Amazon

What first attracted you to writing/editing?

My passion for writing started in high school back in Ireland where I grew up. I loved the opportunity in English class to write about my favorite sports topics. The feedback from my teachers was impressive, how descriptive I was and my ability to transport the reader into the scene.

How long have you been writing/editing?

My first book took me two and a half years as I started, stopped, and repeated that cycle until I sought out book coach support in Andrea Susan Glass and we worked with each other to structure and complete my story.

As a writer, what kind of books do you write? Any published? How about short stories?

A nonfiction memoir detailing my life from growing up in Ireland, emigrating from there to America, a heart health scare which I had a teenager which resulted in me flatlining twice and successfully being resuscitated. In addition to the above, my book details how successful I have been at launching and scaling some of the world’s biggest alcohol brands and recounts the devastation, grief, and loss of four miscarriages that my wife and I suffered before our fifth pregnancy went full term. The core them of my book is “Resilience” and how I used that skill to overcome, survive, and thrive

What are you working on now either writing or editing?

The next project will be a collaboration with another Irish author, and I will also look at developing a resilience handbook for anyone working in sales.

How long have you been a member of SDWEG and why did you join?

This is now my fourth month and I joined after being referred by my book coach. My motivation for joining was to and is to learn! There are many members who all have varied writing and publishing experiences that by osmosis I’m learning from each of them in our member meetings as well as access to speakers for ongoing literary education.

What’s something unique or special about you, that you’d like others to know?

I once competed at the PGA Tour School for golf in 2013!

What request might you have of other members?

I’m available to assist others with any sales and marketing support/advice they may need as I’m an expert in that field. If there are opportunities to run promotions with other members or indeed collaborations, I would welcome hearing from anyone!

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