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Patricia Bossano’s Cuentan mis Estrellas Available for Pre-Order

12 Aug 2023 5:43 PM | Lisa Hagerman

Coming with the new moon, on September 14, 2023.

“Did you know… A particular constellation rules the sky—every day and night of the year—and when we come into this world, that presiding constellation twinkles its star dusted magic on each of us.”

Patricia Bossano’s new picture book, Cuentan mis Estrellas tempts you to keep a weather eye on the night sky, waiting for the glow of a shooting star, or the tail of a comet, to light up the stellar trait that makes you, you.

Pre-order a copy today, for the Spanish-speaking tot in your life!

Signed books available for pre-order at WaterBearer Press.


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