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In 2012, SDWEG introduced The Guilded Pen—First Edition, a compilation of short stories, poems, and imaginative essays by our members. We’ve been introducing a new edition every year since. 2021 promises to be an exciting year for this flagship project.

The launch event will take place on Monday, October 25. Watch your email inbox for your invitation to join us, or visit the website in October to register.

The 2020 Strange Happenings Anthology

Available now in paperback and Kindle

Read this collection of poetry, essays, memoir tales and imaginative short stories drawing inspiration from life on the California coast, people and places as far afield as South Africa, or locales that exist only in the author's imaginations. 

Whether chronicling life in the ordinary, or teetering on the fringes of the bizarre, Strange Happenings challenges the mundane, embraces the surreal, and stretches the imagination behond earthly realms.

we encouraged you to join your fellow members in taking our anthology to #1 on the Amazon best seller list by preordering ahead of the official release. We look forward to seeing whether that effort will bring the anthology into Amazon's best seller rating.

The anthology is produced as a fund-raising project for SDWEG, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All royalties from the sale of the anthologies support the mission of the SDWEG which is to promote, support, and encourage the writing art for adults and youth. All questions should be directed to: Rivkah Sleeth, Managing Editor, at guildedpensubmissions@gmail.com

Contributors to this anthology are:

Laurie Asher, R.J. Black, Marcia Buompensiero, Lawrence Carleton, Al Converse, Janice Coy, E.M. Criman, Robert Doublebower, Sally Eckberg, Chloe Kerns Edge, Sarah Faxon, Cornelia Feye, Irene Flynn, Robert Gilberg, HR Goold, KC Grifant, Janet Hafner, Theresa Halvorsen, Margaret Harmon, Peggy Hinaekian, Rebecca Jane, Dora Klinova, Melody A. Kramer, Leon Lazarus, Richard Lederer, Tom Leech, Cheryl Lendvay, Valerie Looper, Syd Love, Cary Lowe, Michael J. McMahon, Yvonne Nelson Perry, Ty Piz, Frank Primiano, Phil Pryde, Cyril Roseman, Miriam Schraer, Mardie Schroeder, Barbara Sirignano, Candita Wager-Bezold, ShuJen Walker, Amy Wall, Ruth L. Wallace, Nico Waters, Gary Winters, John Yamada, Lara Yamada, Kenneth Yaros, and Sandra Yeaman.

Past Anthologies

The Guilded Pen

In 2012, SDWEG introduced The Guilded Pen—First Edition, a compilation of short stories, poems, and imaginative essays by our members. We've been introducing a new edition every year since.

How can I get a copy of past editions of The Guilded Pen?

Copies of The Guilded Pen, Third through Eighth Editions, may be ordered directly from Amazon. The first two editions are no longer available.

2019 8th edition

2018 7th edition

2017 6th edition

2016 5th edition 2015 4th edition 2014 3rd edition

2013 2nd edition and 2012 1st edition — No longer available

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