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  • 19 Oct 2020 7:44 AM | Deleted user

    written by Edel Cassidy September 2020

    The editors of Anthology Magazine, a magazine published in Ireland, have asked that we publicize their short story competition.

    Writers of short fiction are invited to enter the Anthology Magazine Short Story Competition.  Established to recognise and encourage creative writing and provide a platform for publication, it is open to original and previously unpublished short stories in the English language by a writer of any nationality, living anywhere in the world. Stories submitted must be on the theme of ‘Memories’ and not exceed the maximum of 1,500 words. Writers can submit as many entries as they wish.

    It is not a requirement, but is advisable to refer to Anthology Magazine or purchase a copy beforesubmitting your work, so that you can see the type of material we publish. Subscriptions and single copies are available to purchase through their online shop.

    The winner will receive a €500 cash prize and the chance to see their work published in a future issue of Anthology.

    The winner will also receive a one year subscription to Anthology Magazine

    Submission Deadline & Entry Fees: 
    Early Bird: 30 April 2021 – €10 per short story
    Deadline: 31 July 2021 – €15 per short story

    Submit a Short Story

    Terms and Conditions

    • To enter, submit an original, unpublished short story, written in English on the subject of ‘Memories’ with a maximum of 1,500 words.
    • Entry fee: €10 per story if entered by midnight on 30 April 2021, or €15 per story if entered by midnight on 31 July 2021. 
    • There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. 
    • There is no age limit.
    • The closing date for receipt of entries is Saturday 31 July 2021 at midnight. 
    • Submissions will be judged on literary merit, originality and readability.
    • Once selected, the winner will be contacted by email or telephone.
    • Copyright remains with the author but Anthology Magazine reserves the right to be the first to publish or arrange a broadcast of selected works. The right to use the stories to further publicise this award is also retained.
    • Submission of a written piece implies the author’s acceptance of the rules and conditions.
    • Anthology Magazine reserves the right to change the prizes in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

    Read the 2020 WINNING Short Story by Niamh Donnellan

    Congratulations to the WINNER of the Anthology Magazine Short Story Competition 2020

    1st Prize
    Niamh Donnellan (Ireland) for Islands

    Highly Commended
    The judges would also like to highlight the work of the following three writers:
    – Marguerite Doyle (Ireland) for Outlier
    – Neil Tully (Ireland) for The Road Was Full of Mud
    – Brian O’Connor (United Kingdom) for Hope is a Green Shoot

  • 5 Oct 2020 8:23 AM | Deleted user

    Titillating Tales from the Outhouse and other perky poetic adventures from author Tom Leech

    Who among us does not have personal experiences with those small but important little buildings that go by many names – outhouses, privies, portapotties, johns, loos, cans, crappers, thrones, and many more? And who has not heard or shared their own funny tales about those adventures?

    Available now is a book full of amusing and rhyming poems dealing with exactly that subject, from

    • How the term "crapper" got its name,
    • including the story of Jose who rents his portable bano to drivers at the world's busiest border,
    • to military colonels using two-story outhouses (hmmmmm...what does that mean to the privates?)

    These and more outhouse tales will likely stir some memories and definitely bring on big-league chuckles (and maybe snorts).

    Also here is a set of poems by author Tom on subjects other than outhouses that will trigger more laughs.  Finally there are some classic centuries-old poems about adventuresome outhouse experiences written by authors James Whitcomb Riley, Robert Service, and yes, some tomes Shakespeare himself spouted off.  

    “Never in my life did I realize there was so much to say about outhouses! From drunken damsels to a triad of escaped convicts to the outhouse adventures of Santa Claus, this book of poems is a delight. It transports the reader to another time and (odorous) place in a deluge of hysterical whimsy. I challenge you not to giggle.”   

    Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D., Author of 3 Keys to Defeating Unconscious Bias: Watch, Think, Act”

    Titillating Tales from the Outhouse is available here.

    Tom Leech is the author of books on various subjects: humor, business, nature, world travel and children's poetry. Recent books include Fun on the Job: Amusing and true tales from Rosie-the-Riveters to Rocket Scientists at a major aerospace company and the 2nd edition of Say It Like Shakespeare: The Bard’s Timeless Tips for Successful Communication. Tom's poems have been published in many author anthologies, his own books, and various publications.

    Tom's Amazon Page

  • 22 Sep 2020 8:18 AM | Deleted user

    Guild President Mardie Schroeder received a notice that a past president of the Guild, John Warren Davis, one of our lifetime members, passed away on September 22, 2020. He listed the Guild as family or friend to be notified of his passing.

    A long-time resident of San Diego, he died peacefully on September 22, 2020, following a long illness. He was 74.

    John was born in York, Pennsylvania, to Lillian Putnam Billings Davis (Rochester, New York) and Frank Asbury Davis, Jr. (St. Joseph, Missouri). John grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and attended Fenger High School. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.

    John was soon off to the U.S. Army, where he served honorably as a decorated enlisted man and acting Sergeant in Vietnam and Hawaii.

    In 1972, upon discharge, he moved to San Diego primarily for the weather. He worked in Real Estate Sales and Management but left San Diego for a position at the Office of Naval Research at Stanford, University.

    He returned to San Diego in 1988 after assignments in Corona, CA, for Naval Weapons Center Seal Beach at the Fleet Analysis Center, and on a Joint Service Program at Los Angeles Air Force Base (DMSP), joining the COMNAVIRPAC staff at North Island. He finished his Civil Service Career with the Defense Contract Management Command in San Diego at Raytheon. His final work assignment was a civilian position with Kellogg, Brown, and Root as a GMlS/Colonel equivalent with duty in Kuwait, supporting the U.S. Army in Iraq.

    During his working career, John was active in Community Affairs as a member of the Greater Golden Hill Planning Committee, an active leader in the National Contract Management Association's San Diego Chapter as a Fellow Mentor, and CPCM Adjunct Professor at San Diego State University. He also was a past President of the San Diego Writers and Editor's Guild, publishing one non-fiction book and several professional journal articles in the field of Federal Contracting.

    In addition to his professional designations, Certified Professional Contract Manager (CPCM) and Real Estate Broker, John held an A.A. in Real Estate from San Diego City College, a B.A. in Political Science from Drake University, an M.S. in Federal Contracting from West Coast University and did post-graduate work at Walden University.

    In retirement, John was able to resume one of his favorite hobbies of international travel, which he began at age seventeen. He visited well over 100 countries and the seven continents. He was a proud member of the Traveler's Century Club of Los Angeles. John was a life member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Colonists, Sons of Colonial New England, and Founders of North America.

    His community service volunteer work in retirement included as a member of St. Paul's Friends of Military Outreach & Support (FOMOS) committee in outreach efforts for the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). He was a Patron of the San Diego Opera. He is survived by a brother, William F. Davis of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, and a step-sister, Karen Rambeaux of Rogers, Arkansas.

    In addition to being a Life Member and a past president of the SDWEG, he was published in The Guilded Pen several years since the inaugural 2012 edition.

  • 28 Aug 2020 5:58 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to Bob Boze on the release of his latest novel, The Heiress and the Dolphins. Bob provided the description of the novel below.

    A wonderful feel good story about relearning how to love, trust and laugh at the littlest things.

    Annie hadn’t smiled or laughed since Todd was killed, and after the board meeting, she definitely needed something to brighten her life.

    On a whim, she booked herself on a dolphin tour in Aqua Bay, New Zealand, saved the owner’s boat, and unknowingly changed the rest of her life.

    A life that would involve: a beat-up Ford Anglia (in dire need of a colonoscopy), a pub with the best fish and chips in the world, daily doses of Hokey Pokey ice cream, and Moana and Hunu; two dolphins that would play tag and keep her in giggle fits all day if she’d let them. Oh, and let’s not forget the smile that now never leaves her face.

    In this new life she will still be a CEO, and a tour guide, and the driver of two beautiful tour boats and part owner of a lodge where people go to escape the world’s rat race. All while trying to ride herd on a crazy team of employees. Oh, and let’s not forget being madly in love with the most wonderful man in the world; well… right behind Hunu. Come join Annie as she falls in love with a new country, a new life and a new special someone.

    Bob Boze lives in the South Bay area of San Diego and his writing partner, Robyn Bennett, lives in Blenheim on New Zealand’s South Island. Both are published romance and non-fiction authors, editors, speakers and bloggers. Together they have over twelve published works and are collaborating on several more novels, short stories, articles and other works.

    Bob and Robyn also offer a variety of writer and business services through their business website, Writing Allsorts. To learn more about them, their published works and the services they offer, go to

  • 28 Aug 2020 5:55 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to Victoria and David Povall for the recent release of their space opera Ascension, set in far distant Talderon Era.

    Below is the book description from their website,, where the book is available for order.

    Kelahya Devona, born in the 680th cycle of the Talderon Era, is a bewitching and  formidable warrior, and the most powerful weapon of Kronos Deucarrion, Supreme Commander of the Alliance of Stars.

    Kelahya is  a Minder, capable of influencing the thoughts of most species in the universe…until now.

    The nightmare behind her eyes insists that she murdered Kronos, but she refuses to believe that the images of blood and violence are real. 

    Due to this involuntary fissure, her thoughts are dissociating, which in a Minder’s brain intermingles reality with illusion, and almost always leads to their demise.

    The specter of death forces Kelahya to run for her life in search of the truth before her mind disintegrates, and the struggle for power destroys the Alliance of Stars. 

    In a race against time, the pursuit propels her into a forgotten past and an uncertain future, where danger is reflected in every face and reality is never what it seems. 


    “Perfectly paced action, lush and layered characters. Ascension: Kelahya Unbound is the real deal.”

    J. D. BARKER, International Bestselling Author of the Fourth Monkey.

  • 12 Aug 2020 4:11 PM | Deleted user

    Private security specialist, Greg Stern, is a reluctant guest in a remote and inaccessible Zen monastery. His wife, Vega, sent him there after a marital transgression to ponder and improve his interaction with women. When a dead boy is found in the meditation hall, the group of eclectic guests and monastics find themselves trapped in an enchanted valley with a murderer in their midst and no way out.          

    Death of a Zen Master received a 5-star review from Readers' Favorite. See the review below.

    Cornelia Feye’s Death of a Zen Master is a well-written and absorbing story that harkens back to the classic murder mystery novels such as those penned by Agatha Christie. I loved the isolated setting for the crime and relished seeing the fear and suspicion of the students as they realize they are trapped with a killer, with no way out and no way to contact the outside world. Feye’s characters are finely crafted and true-to-life and her plot is ingenious. She gives the armchair sleuth plenty of red herrings to consider along with Greg Stern, as he tries to unmask the killer and stay alive. This classy, modern-day homage to the golden age of murder mysteries is most highly recommended.

    5-star review by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

    What do other authors say about Death of a Zen Master?

    From the very beginning of this mystery, set at a remote Zen Retreat in the Ventana Wilderness area, the characters are full of life and opinions.  Greg is here to pacify his wife and has no intention of embracing anything other than the excellent food. When the Abbess is found murdered and a 300-year-old Buddha goes missing, Greg finds something to fill his time and, he hopes, a way to impress his wife. Feye, who is known for her art mysteries, takes the reader on a clever and twisting route to a satisfying conclusion. Woven throughout the story is just enough Zen philosophy, history, and art history to create a fully evolved novel.

    Tamara Merrill, Author of Shadows in our Bones, and The Augustus Family Trilogy

    Forget your English Manors. And manners. A Buddhist monastery in California makes the perfect setting for this engaging and clever take on the we're-trapped-in-place-and-one-of-us-is-a-killer story. In Cornelia Feye's capable hands, the search for spiritual enlightenment goes hand in hand with the search for a murderer. A tasty Karma-snack of a mystery novel.

    Corey Lynn Fayman, author of the award-winning Rolly Waters Mystery Series

    A rousing and entertaining mystery in a very unique setting— a Zen monastery. The talented Cornelia Feye has created two unforgettable characters, Greg and Vega Stern. Separately and together they must solve a murder while they immerse themselves in Zen Buddhism. It will keep you guessing all the way to the last page.

    Carl Vonderau, author of Murderabilia 

    Cornelia Feye is an author, art historian and publisher. She published three mystery novels, and the first one, Spring of Tears, won the San Diego Book Award in 2011. The anthology Magic Mystery & Murder, co-edited with Tamara Merrill, won the San Diego Book Awards in 2019. She is the founder of Konstellation Press, an indie publishing company for genre fiction and poetry. Her publications include art historical essays and reviews in English and German.

    Visit her website

  • 31 Jul 2020 8:38 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to Theresa Halvorsen, whose new novel, Warehouse Dreams, launches on July 29.

    Below is the book description from, where the book is currently available for pre-order.

    Kendle’s job is on the line every time she rescues a Wild teen. But Wilds, with their uncontrolled psychic abilities, need her help. They need the chronically underfunded Warehouse, the only school available for Wilds. But accepting a teen with potentially dangerous abilities puts her at odds with her boss; refusing means the teen faces life institutionalized, sedated, and under restraint.


    Stephen, the new telepathy teacher, is a Bred. His wealthy parents paid for his perfect genetic code. He’s not used to the Warehouse’s long hours, to students who float beds through walls during nightmares, or send fishbowls through windows—not to mention the food sucks. The only bright spot is the fascinating Wild teacher in the next room who plays amazing cello or guitar music late at night.

    Kendle doesn’t think Stephen belongs at the Warehouse, but when he helps save her and her students from a violent mob, she wonders if she was wrong…and if a Bred like Stephen might fall for a Wild like her. But Kendle has little time for romance. As society ramps up its hatred of Wilds and the Warehouse’s resources stretch desperately thin, Kendle must find a way to keep the director from expelling the most gifted students as dangers to the school.

  • 30 Jun 2020 6:19 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to SDWEG member Robyn Bennett, writing as Casey Fae Hewson, for publishing a new romance, Misty Springs. In addition to writing both fiction and nonfiction on her own, Robyn also writes jointly with another Guild member, Bob Boze. And Robyn has the distinction of being the SDWEG member who lives the farthest from San Diego. She resides in New Zealand and travels occasionally to San Diego when she attends our meetings.

    Misty Springs Summary

    Emily Seymour sat in her favourite spot on Red Hill Mountain, looking down at the alpine village of Misty Springs. Glancing at her disfigured hand, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to put aside her insecurities from the accident and her broken engagement and rebuild her life.

    Ricky Coles, a cocky builder, working side jobs as a bartender, wants nothing more than to lay low, pay off his debts, and put his past behind him.

    After their first meeting gets off to a rocky start, it doesn’t take long to confirm they are like oil and water: Emily naïve and trusting; Ricky seemingly unable to tell the truth about anything.

    But both have much more important things to worry about. Emily’s dream house that has put her in debt to her unforgiving brother and may never be built, thanks to an unscrupulous contractor, and the people chasing Ricky to collect on his debts.   

    Will this unlikely pair end up proving that there’s a reason opposites attract and that support often comes from the most unexpected places?

    Link to Amazon:

    Casey Fae Hewson has always loved to write stories.

    In 2014 she got serious about her writing and drafted her first novel, Haven River, a Young Adult contemporary romance, which was published in 2016.

    Well and truly bitten by the writing bug in 2017 she published Aqua Bay set in spectacularly beautiful New Zealand where she lives.

    She is currently editing her third novel, Misty Springs.

    Casey is now partnered with Bob Boze the author of Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape to Share Your Dreams With, The Horses of Tir Na Nog, The Sisterhood and Dreams. Together they are working on several collaborative efforts including: The Beach Pool and a new co-authored romance novel: Light My Way.

    When she writes Casey draws on the natural beauty of her hometown, Blenheim, which is surrounded by hills, vineyards and olive trees, and bathes in endless sunshine.

    When she's not writing she's reading from her extensive collection of romance, drama, thriller, horror, Young Adult and biography. "As I can't live in a library, I've created the next best thing - my own library."

    You can also find Casey in the garden, mountain biking, walking on the beach, listening to music or trying to keep her crazy cat under control!

  • 23 Jun 2020 6:48 AM | Deleted user


    SDWEG member Cary Lowe was interviewed by former San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Roger Showley in a live streamed event hosted by Warwick’s Books. Roger and Cary, as well as Julie Slavinsky of Warwicks talked about the experiences Cary recounted in his book, as well as how those apply to current political events. The video of the interview can be seen at: .

    Congratulations, Cory.

  • 19 Jun 2020 6:59 AM | Deleted user

    Congratulations to Cary Lowe for receiving an IndieReader Discovery Award has been announced, recognizing Becoming American as the best book from an independent publisher in the field of politics/current events.

    On Thursday May 28th, IndieReader, one of the original review services for self, hybrid, and independently published authors, announced the winners of their annual IR Discovery Awards (IRDAs) for 2020. Becoming American by Cary D. Lowe won in the politics/current events category.

    IndieReader launched the IRDAs in 2011 to help notable indie authors receive the attention of top publishing professionals, with the goal of reaching more readers.  Noted Amy Edelman, author and founder of IR, “The books that won the IRDAs this year are not simply great indie books; they are great books, period.  We hope that our efforts via the IRDAs ensure that they receive attention from the people who matter most.  Potential readers.”  

    Past and present sponsors for the IRDAs include Amazon, Reedsy, Smith Publicity and NY-based literary agents Dystel, Goderich & Bourret.  Judges have included publishers (from Penguin Group USA and Simon & Schuster), agents (from ICM, Dystel), publicists (from Smith Publicity), and bloggers (from GoodeReader). 

    Becoming American received the verdict of Winner from IndieReader’s reviewers. The book is a political memoir chronicling the author’s growing up in post-war Europe with parents who were Holocaust survivors, immigrating to the US, serving in the military, working on campaigns and causes, and overall becoming a politically engaged American. Mr. Lowe is a retired lawyer and college professor residing in San Diego and active in politics there. 

    Reacting to winning this award, Mr. Lowe said, “I hope this book shows readers how immigrants become Americans and what it means to be a real American.”

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