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  • 27 Oct 2022 5:50 PM | Andrea Glass (Administrator)

    Dr. Mary Ann Horton is a transgender activist, an author, an internet pioneer and a computer architect. She earned her PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, spent 20 years with Bell Labs and retired from San Diego Gas & Electric, where she protected the power grid from hackers. In 1997 she persuaded Lucent Technologies to be the first Fortune 500 company to add transgender-inclusive language to their nondiscrimination policy, earning her the Trailblazer Outie Award, and inspiring her to write her memoir, Trailblazer: Lighting the Path for Transgender Inclusion in Corporate America.

    What aspect of editing or writing are you involved in?

    I’m an author. My coming-of-age memoir tells of my life as a trans woman and a trans activist. It commemorates the 25th anniversary of Lucent’s historic policy signed 10/28/1997, the first Fortune 500 company to formally pledge not to discriminate against transgender workers. I was the instigator of that policy.

    What first attracted you to writing/editing?

    When I talk, I stumble. When I write, I can proofread, edit and clarify. This is important for sending email, and even more important for a memoir.

    How long have you been writing?

    When I was a kid, I wrote an eight-page children’s book A Beaver’s Story in pencil and crayon. As an adult, I wrote technical papers to explain how to use computer programs and internet domains, so I learned to explain clearly. This led to publication of my technical reference book Portable C Software in 1990. After retiring, I had a new challenge: write a memoir that real people would enjoy reading.

    As a writer, what kind of books do you write? Any published? How about short stories?

    Beyond my tech pubs and memoir, I wrote (with my friends Lisa and Bill Koontz) the 2004 parody, How the Grinch Stole Marriage, about same-sex marriage, which went viral. A short story based on the first chapter of Trailblazer will be performed December 8 in the IMWA Memoir Showcase in La Jolla.

    What are you working on now either writing or editing?

    My raw material autobiography has 200,000 words, partly computer stories, partly trans stories, partly just life. I’ll write a second memoir, telling about the computer stuff. My challenge will be to dig into technology and still make it fun to read.

    How long have you been a member of SDWEG and why did you join?

    I found the SDWEG table at the 2019 San Diego Book Fair. The meetings, members and resources were exactly what I needed as an author.

    What benefits have you gained as a member?

    The monthly meetings are beyond valuable to me. I’ve learned a ton about every aspect of writing, publishing, marketing, publicity and on and on. SDWEG membership is a great investment of my time and membership dues!

    What’s something unique or special about you that you’d like others to know?

    I’ve had an interesting life in technology as well as trans activism. One fun tidbit is that I invented the email attachment while a grad student at Berkeley in 1980.

    What request might you have of other members? (joint venture promotions, launch team, referrals, reviews, advance readers…)

    I’d love to see a “cook book” covering all the aspects of writing, editing, publishing, marketing, etc. If the membership wrote sections they’re knowledgeable about, and we edited it like a Wiki, we’d have a great resource for our members.

    Contact Info

  • 20 Oct 2022 4:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Each fall, San Diego Writers, Ink hosts a weekend of immersive writing sessions from some of their instructors identified as students' favorites. It's  an opportunity to sample their diverse range of classes or get better acquainted with instructors you may not have taken a class with. Think of it as a writing sampler—a way to try out SDWI classes and get a lot of writing work and inspiration in one weekend.

    BONUS! When you sign up for Fall for Writing, you will be entered into a raffle. Prize details to come!

    Unless specified otherwise, SDWI's Fall for Writing Sessions will be held IN PERSON at SDWI's space in Liberty Station above Veltz Fine Art (Inspirations Gallery, 2730 Historic Decatur Rd #204, Barracks 16, San Diego, CA, 92106). While masks are not required, they are encouraged. Thank you!


    Purchase tickets for the whole event for $99 for Members and $150 for Nonmembers. Like last year, SDWI also has a PAY WHAT YOU CAN for the entire conference! (For this option, please email to discuss your preferred payment.) Full conference passes will grant you FREE access to ALL classes, social hours, readings, and offerings listed below!

    For full information about the event, select this link.

    Note: SDWI is releasing only 20 full conference passes for the time being, so be sure to get yours now! Please also select which sessions you plan to attend so that they have an idea of attendance.


    If you do not wish to attend the entire conference, individual sessions can be pre-purchased at $15 for Members and $20 for Nonmembers (unless specified otherwise). Be sure to secure your spots now, as they will fill up! Visit the links included here to learn more.

    Note: Right now SDWI is releasing only 20 single-session spots for each in-person class. If you hope to attend a single-session class in person, be sure to secure your spot now!


    Friday, November 11

    5-6:45pm -- Online via Zoom

    Memoir vs. Novel: The Best Format for YOUR Story with Robin "R.D." Kardon

    Something happened. A series of events shaped your life. Now you want to write about them. But what format will you choose? In this in-depth workshop, we'll investigate whether to take real-life events and use them as the basis of a memoir or a work of fiction--and how to make the right choice for your story.


    Social Hour with Dimestories: FREE!

    Join us for a social hour with Dimestories! We will gather in Inspirations Gallery to enjoy time together as writers before the Dimestories Open Mic & Book Launch. FREE to all!


    Dimestories Open Mic & Book Launch (FREE for full conference participants; $10 donation for single -ession purchase)

    Join us for Dimestories Open Mic and Book Launch! Share a three-minute story at the open mic or come and enjoy some wonderful writing. We will also celebrate the launch of the Dimestories Anthology!

    Saturday, November 12


    Intro to Memoir with Marni Freedman

    New to memoir--this is for you. This session will walk students through an introduction to plotting, theme, and character arc for memoir.


    Writing to Visual Prompts with Jill G. Hall

    Recharge your writing in this fun, interactive workshop. Through the use of visual stimuli such as gallery art, greeting and postcards, your poetry and prose will deepen, become clearer and more joyful. Some generated pieces may be shared in community. Bring journals, pens, and a smile. 


    Playwriting 101 with Aleta Barthell

    This Playwriting 101 session provides an opportunity to develop that idea in your head into a script, or hone and develop your current play-in-progress.


    Story Structure with Rich Farrell

    What does ‘structure’ mean in fiction? What defines story structure as applied to writing novels and short stories? This class will explore the elements of story structure, with practical tips towards building solid foundations for your writing. We will explore how writers use plot, character, setting, time, language, and drama to create the magic of fiction.


    Social Hour at Inspirations Gallery: FREE!

    Socialize with Ink staff and instructors and meet other writers. Check out our art show and grab free coffee! FREE to all!


    Tammy Greenwood Reads & Discusses Such a Pretty Girl (FREE for full conference participants; $5 donation for single-session purchase)

    Join Tammy Greenwood for a reading and discussion based on her new novel Such a Pretty Girl!


    "A Year In Ink Through the Years": Hosted by Jill G. Hall (FREE for full conference participants; $10 donation for single-session purchase)

    Join us for A Year in Ink Through the Years, a reading from A Year in Ink contributors from Volumes 1 to 15, hosted by Jill G. Hall.

    Note: If you were in a past volume of A Year in Ink and would like to read, please fill out this interest form here. Thanks!

    Sunday, November 13

    9-10:15am -- Online via Zoom

    Atlas of the Heart: A Generative Writing Session with Kristen Fogle

    “Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection” is Brene Brown’s newest–and an amazing–resource in which she puts words to eighty-seven emotions and human experiences. In this online session, we will work through a few in the book by using timed writing prompts based on each.


    Podcasting with Adam Greenfield

    Learn what it takes to not only prepare for your podcast but also how to record and what equipment you’ll want to consider using to make your podcast. After this class you’ll have the tools and motivation needed to get started.


    Prompt Church with Judy Reeves

    This Sunday morning “call to workshop” is our literary version of Sunday Mass in which we’ll share communion with the page. Our services will be in two parts—the first hour is Confession, during which we’ll respond to prompts. Our second hour is Praise, and again we work from prompts to express in writing our poetic avowals, lyrical incantations, and prayers to the page.


    Poetry for Memoir with Tania Pryputniewicz

    Do you have a story about your own life that won’t let go of you? In this workshop, we will look at example poetry collections and memoirs as well as engage in several writing exercises designed to help you begin mining your life story on the page. This is a generative workshop, meaning it is a “Show up, Write, and Share” opportunity.


    Poetry Karaoke with Judy Reeves & Steve Montgomery (FREE for full conference participants; $5 donation for single-session purchase)

    Drop by for a lively session of Open Mic Poetry Karaoke with hosts Judy Reeves and Steve Montgomery. Grab a binder filled with poems of all kinds—from Angelou to Yeats, Brooks to Whitman—and select the one you’d like to read. When your name is called, come on up and spin the Big Wheel of Musical Genres, then read your selected poem aloud to the beat of the music. Join us for some raucous fun and some dang good poetry.

    5-5:50pm -- Outside Barracks 16 (promenade side)

    The Social Experiment for Writers with Rebecca Jane: FREE

    Come get outside and partake in this fun game to meet other writers! Created by SDWI instructor Rebecca Jane. Cost is FREE to all!


    The Travel Writer's Map: An Introduction with Lenore Greiner

    In this class, we’ll learn how to hone your observations through journaling, develop the craft of travel writing, and more. Whether writing blog posts, personal essays, magazine articles, or literary longform stories, you’ll emerge from the Travel Writer’s Map as an inspired travel writer.

    Monday, November 14


    Monday Morning Prompts with Kristen Fogle & Amy Wallen (FREE for full conference participants; $7 for single-session purchase)

    Join us for our Monday Morning Prompts group! The group will be co-hosted by Kristen Fogle and Amy Wallen.


    Room to Write with Kristen Fogle & Amy Wallen (FREE for full conference participants; FREE for SDWI members AND for single-session participants who purchase Monday Morning Prompts!)

    Bring a laptop or notebook, your muse, and enjoy a quiet, comfortable place to do your work in the company of other (silent) writers.

    5-6:45pm -- Online via Zoom

    Healing Through Story: Tell Yours on Stage! with Brenda Adelman

    Learn the art form of telling your secret stories on stage in a one-person show! Brenda gives her proven process for turning dramatic events from your life into impactful and entertaining stories that will move your audiences to laughter and tears. Bring your ideas, your experience, your talent and a notebook to write.

    7-8:45pm -- Online via Zoom

    Intro to Songwriting with Suzanne Yada

    Let me introduce you to the world of songwriting, using guided prompts and fun collaborative exercises to explore new musical aspects of your creativity. We'll also explore turning your prose and poetry into seeds for songs, and introduce you to some free online tools that can guide the process. This introductory course is open to all levels and musical backgrounds, beginner to advanced.

  • 18 Oct 2022 3:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Greetings San Diego County Authors

    Did you publish a book or ebook in 2022?

    If the answer is yes, and if you reside in San Diego County, you are invited to participate in the upcoming 57th Annual Local Author Showcase!

    The registration period is September 9th to November 28th

    As the crowning event of the library’s Local Author Program, the Showcase offers our published authors an opportunity to present their work to a large audience of readers, publishers, and fellow book people and residents. The event will run the entire month of February 2023 in the beautiful San Diego Central Library @ Joan Λ Irwin Jacobs Common. There will be a special reception to honor participating authors and officially unveil the exhibit to which authors and guests will be invited.

    For information and to register, please visit the Library’s Local Author website, and follow the instructions below:

    1. Complete the online registration prior to submitting your book.
    2. If you use a pen name, please register under your pen name and NOT your real name.
    3. If your book is in both print and digital formats, submit the PRINT version only.
    4. All authors must submit a high-resolution photo of their book cover to complete registration. Accepted formats: JPG or PNG. No PDFs

    After registering please send or drop off your book at the Central Library.

    You may put your book in the Central Library’s book-drop at the corner of J and 11th Streets. If you choose that option, place the book inside a sealed manila envelope labeled:

    SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-7416

    and remember:


    Be sure to add to your contacts so that further correspondence does not end up in your junk mail. If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this e-mail. Emails will be answered in the order they are received. Thank you and we appreciate your patience!

  • 11 Oct 2022 10:49 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Calling all indie book authors and publishers!

    Submissions are open to enter Next Generation Indie Book Awards

    Small presses, mid-size independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors who have a book written in English released in 2021, 2022 or 2023 or with a 2021, 2022 or 2023 copyright date are eligible.

    Offering 80+ Categories - More than 80 Awards – with over 80 monetary prizes totaling over $10,000 in cash, including $1,500 cash prizes plus trophies for best fiction book and best non-fiction book, $750 cash prizes plus trophies for second best fiction book and non-fiction book and $500 cash prizes plus trophies for third best fiction book and non-fiction book!

    Entry deadline for the 2023 awards program – February 10, 2023.

    The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest International awards program for indie authors and independent publishers and the only book awards program of its kind offering more monetary prizes, more awards, more recognition and more exposure including exposure to a leading Literary Agent for possible representation in areas such as distribution, foreign rights, film rights, and other rights!

    Presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG) in conjunction with Marilyn Allen (formerly of Allen O'Shea Literary Agency), the Next Generation Indie Book Awards was established to recognize and honor the top independently published books of the year. IBPPG was formed to provide support and recognition for the independent book publishing profession. All independent authors and publishers are encouraged to enter their books in the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards so that they too can earn recognition and receive other benefits from having an award-winning book!

    Awards given to the Finalists and Winners of the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards are:

    ▪ $1,500 cash prize and trophy for the best Fiction Book
    ▪ $1,500 cash prize and trophy for the best Non-Fiction Book
    ▪ $750 cash prize and trophy for the second best Fiction Book
    ▪ $750 cash prize and trophy for the second best Non-Fiction Book
    ▪ $500 cash prize and trophy for the third best Fiction Book
    ▪ $500 cash prize and trophy for the third best Non-Fiction Book
    ▪ $100 Cash Prize & Gold Medal for all 80+ category Winners
    ▪ Finalist Medals for each finalist in the 80+ categories

    Winners and Finalists will also receive:

    ▪ An invitation to the gala awards reception.
    ▪ Exposure for a full year at Next Generation Indie Book Awards as a Winner or Finalist.
    ▪ All Winners will be listed in the 2023 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Catalog which will be distributed to thousands of book buyers, media, and others!
    ▪ The opportunity to display Finalist or Winner gold award stickers on your book.
    ▪ Other benefits of an award-winning book (such as potential increased revenue).

    Entry deadline for the 2023 awards program – February 10, 2023.

    All books (hard copies or digital uploads) must be received in the office of the organizers by the entry deadline date to be eligible for the 2023 awards.

    Note: This Awards program is not affiliated with SDWEG. This announcement is offered as information of possible interest to our members. Be aware that there is a submission fee to enter this contest.

  • 5 Oct 2022 5:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Elections are coming up in October. The new Board won’t take over until January, but the time to begin planning for the transition of responsibilities is now. 

    A number of responsibilities traditionally been held by Board members could be handled by volunteer members. If you have skills and time to provide assistance in a variety of areas, members of the Board would like to know.

    A spreadsheet with tabs that identify tasks needing volunteers are on Google Drive. 

    Look for Tabs labeled Anthology, Board Admin, Mss Review, Zoom Pro, Membership Support, Marketing, Social Media, and Mentoring Program.

    If you are willing to take on one or more of the responsibilities, add your name and contact information on the spreadsheet.

    Board members will provide training in all the tasks that are already being handled. The final tab, Mentoring Program, has no specific tasks identified yet as we envision the new Board will hold meetings to discuss what a Guild mentoring program will require. If you are interested in being part of those discussions, add your name.

  • 2 Oct 2022 6:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The International Memoir Writers Association announced the ten winners whose works will be performed in the 2022 Memoir Showcase. Two of those winners are also members of San Diego Writers and Editors Guild: Lindsey Salatka (“I Am Ajumma”) and Mary Ann Horton (“My First Day as a Woman”).

    In addition, four of the 25 authors selected to have their works in Volume VI of Shaking the Tree: Brazen. Short. Memoir. to be published in 2024, are also Guild members: Anastasia Zadeik (“Inconceivable”), Janet Hafner (“Janet vs. Goliath”), Lenore Greiner (“My Father’s Moon”), and Laura Engel (“Scars”).

    Congratulations to these authors on their success at having their works recognized. The Memoir Showcase judging team indicated the entries were incredible, making this the most difficult showcase to pick winners.

  • 29 Sep 2022 10:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    San Diego Writers, Ink is offering a FREE marketing class with John Mark O'Bannon on Sunday, October 9, at 1 p.m. via Zoom.

    Learn how to use the most powerful marketing strategy ever devised to create a buying frenzy for your books. We will also discuss how to create an online platform, how to create character brands and how to build a list of lifetime fans who will want to buy everything you write. The one-day workshop will be on Sunday, October 9, at 1 p.m. via Zoom, and it is also available via Digital Ink recording. Register to receive the Zoom link here.

    Mark O’Bannon is an American novelist and game designer best known as the author of the fantasy series, “Shadows and Dreams.” O’Bannon has studied writing and marketing techniques extensively and has read over 200 books on the subjects. O’Bannon has been conducting workshops, seminars, and panels for authors on writing and marketing since 2007. O’Bannon is an advocate of Self-Publishing and teaches workshops to aspiring authors on how to publish, market and promote their work. O’Bannon is the CEO of Shadowstar Games, which publishes the Interactive Storytelling Game (a Pen & Paper Role Playing Game), “Fantasy Imperium.” Born in San Diego, California, O’Bannon is the grandson of the famous aviation pioneer, Reuben H. Fleet (who acquired the Wright Brother’s airplane company Dayton-Wright along with Gallaudet Aircraft and formed Consolidated Aircraft, the makers of the famous B-24 Liberator bombers and the PBY Catalina flying boats from WWII).

    PLEASE NOTE: It is best to register at least a week before the start of a class to help our instructors prepare and ensure that a class does not get cancelled or rescheduled.

    By signing up for the live version of this class, you give your consent to being recorded. If you do not wish to be recorded, you may keep your camera and microphone off during the session. Thank you for your understanding.

  • 27 Sep 2022 1:10 PM | Lisa Hagerman (Administrator)

    Casey Fae Hewson has just released her latest book, Pacific Vines, now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

    As the saying goes, ‘Life is Unpredictable.’ Just how unpredictable, Ryleigh would soon find out.  One day her personal and professional life was all organized, then one day it wasn’t.

    Engaged to be married and on the fast track to move up at Pacific Vines Winery, she would quickly find out that being enticed by recognition and blind love could sabotage everything she thought she wanted. Add falling in love with the wrong person, and watch it destroy not only common sense but friendships.

    But, as another saying goes, ‘Sometimes the worst things in life can  lead to the best things.’

  • 27 Sep 2022 12:48 PM | Lisa Hagerman (Administrator)

    Written by Bob Boze

    We’ve been editing for a number of years. Over time, our edits have surfaced two very big surprises.

    Who would have thought that our editing would have taken us on a tour of writers from all over the world? Writers from Romania, Bermuda, New Zealand, Australia, as well as coast to coast in the United States. Writers not only spread all over the world, but stories, that like our reading, cover a host of genres and are aimed at age groups from children to seniors.

    But perhaps the biggest surprise has been the talent of those whose work we’ve edited. Many have been first time writers, and we’re glad to say that our initial expectations of extensive editing, have often been unfounded. Even for those with English as their second language, their storytelling skills have made our correcting misused words or rewriting jumbled sentences more of a pleasure then a trauma.

    Perhaps our vast travels have helped, especially when regional details and time zones become muddled. Even there though, spotting where they went astray and getting things back to the proper place and time is often easy.

    But it’s not just been a one-way street of learning. Helping with our knowledge of regional histories has been the various memoirs we’ve edited. Here again, our editing has taken us into areas of research that have broadened our worldly knowledge and allowed us to verify the author’s descriptions, based on their memories.

    Finally, the wide variety of genres, each with their own rules, story arcs and subplots has often allowed us to suggest blending these from one genre to another, thus, helping our authors to create some truly unique subplots.

  • 12 Aug 2022 5:54 PM | Leon Lazarus

    Long time Guild member, Phil Pryde has published his book, Mary Magdalene and the Quest for Gender Equality, an historical novel set in first century Palestine and Gaul.

    According to Phil, the novel necessarily has a religious setting, but it isn't primarily about religion. Its storyline is the desire of Mary Magdalene to teach others about her mentor, Jesus. However, this would be almost impossible given the paternalistic nature of society at the time, which held that women weren’t allowed to teach to men.

    Commenting on the book, Phil said that, "this fictional, but plausible, depiction of Mary Magdalene as an early seeker of gender equality should appeal to many who have the same vision, given that 2000 years later the battle for this basic human right still continues."

    You can learn more about the book and Mary Magdalene at

    You will find the printed book on

    An e-book is also available for purchase.

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